Amaron Go 50B24L

Amaron Go 50B24L

Warranty : 44 Months Warranty (24 Months Free Replacement+ 20 Months ProRata Warranty)
Capacity : Not Mentioned
Type : Not Mentioned
MRP : 6793
Special Price : 4999
Quantity :  
Special Price (With Old Battery Exchange Same AH) : 4999


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Amaron Go batteries are the second largest series manufactured by Amara Raja Batteries Limited, With high heat tolerance and highest reserve capacity. The high CCA helps your car in starting in even extreme Bad weather. Amaron Go batteries complies with zero maintenance and never to add distilled water. Amaron claims its silver inside and hence, low-corrosion. These batteries comes with factory charged condition and are ready to use. Patented with BIC vents for enhanced safety.

Warranty Terms:

44 Months Warranty.

(24 Months free Replacement + 20 Months pro rata warranty.)


Contains 12v/45ah