Exide Mileage ML38B20L

Exide Mileage ML38B20L

Warranty : 60 Months warranty (30 months free replacement+30 months pro rata warranty)
Capacity : 35 AH
Type : Flat Plate
MRP : 4666
Special Price : 3199
Quantity :  
Special Price (With Old Battery Exchange Same AH) : 3199


Exide Mileage ML38B20L  comes with 12V /35AH.  

It is a newly launched battery  by Exide Industries Ltd ,  ML38B20L is 12Volt  – 35 Ampere-hour battery and its used for small segment petrol cars  upto 1200 CC engine.
Exide Mileage ML38B20L battery is built using the most advanced next-generation technology for high-performance long-life batteries. These batteries are made of  rolled sheet which makes the battery highly resistant to corrosion.

The main advantage of ML38B20L is that it has the same fitment as that of OEM battery.

The part number of OEM battery is 34B19RLor 34B20L which is 32 AH. In reference to OEM battery 34B19L / 34B20L , the recommended battery is ML38B20L which is 35 AH.

Free Replacement: 0-30 Months.

Pro-rata: 31-60 Months.

Service Type: Onsite by Manufacturer.

ML38B20L Battery is mostly used in petrol cars.

Exide Car Battery is the World’s highest selling Automotive Battery.


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*Mileage series is the highest selected batteries by premium car holders.

*Exide Mileage ML38B20L comes with 12v / output capacity of 35 ampere /hour  init.

*Exide batteries comes with Magic Eye for checking electrolyte level and state-of-charge, factory-charged and are ready-to-use.

  • Maintenance-free batteries with advanced Ca-Ca system.
  • Special paste formulation for positive and negative plates for higher life expectancy with superior charge acceptance in service.
  • Double clad polythylene
  • special omega type cover design