Exide Epiq EPIQ35L

Exide Epiq EPIQ35L

Warranty : 77 months warranty ( 42 months free replacement +35 months prorata warranty)
Capacity : 35 AH
Type : Flat Plate
MRP : 5200
Special Price : 3999
Quantity :  
Special Price (With Old Battery Exchange Same AH) : 3999


Exide EPIQ35L battery is a battery which contains 35AH and 12V.

This comes with advanced special long life corrosion resistant which enhances corrosion life in serve, Double Clad  EPIQ Model comes under (42+35) months warranty.

This model is best suitable for ML38B20L, EY35L, ML35L, MRED35L,38B20L(ISS) AND OEM batteries. All these batteries have same size. Such cars should have minimum 35AH battery.

1.Exide EPIQ is claimed to be a zero maintenance battery.

2.Its technology ensures it requires no top up which says EPIQ range comes with absolutely sealed for life.

3.You can now forget the hassles of battery maintenance uninterrupted.

4.It comes with 77 months warranty. Highest warranty in history of the Battery Industry.


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  • Zero Maintenance battery
  • Factory charged
  • quick cranking
  • compact size